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6 Benefits of Renting a Dumpster for Home Renovation

Blog - posted by Benjamin - July 1, 2024

Renting a dumpster for home renovation is a great way to conserve your budget while also making it easier for you to haul a range of junk. That said, selecting the proper dumpster for home remodel projects is important. In this post, we’ll look at why you should consider a renovation dumpster rental for your remodeling cleanup and give you tips on picking the right dumpster to save you time and money in the process.

Key Takeaways

  • Renting a dumpster for home renovation is a great way to organize your cleanup process.
  • Selecting the proper renovation dumpster will save you money on overloading fees.
  • A roll off dumpster provides a consolidated container to remove all your renovation debris.

The 6 Benefits of Renting a Dumpster for Home Renovation

When you think about your upcoming home renovation, you’re probably thinking of the new designs you plan on incorporating, clearing out the yard that faces the room you’re updating of junk, or maybe the renovation’s space orientation. While these are all important, one of the biggest aspects of your house renovation process is the final stage: cleaning up after the work is done. This is where residential dumpster rental can come in handy. Odds are, you’re already investing a lot of time and money into the renovation. The last thing you’ll want is to overextend your home project’s budget on junk removal services because you didn’t account for the amount of renovation debris and junk you want to dispose of. Not to mention, that the longer you have to clean or wait for services to clean for you, the more time it takes for you to enjoy your renovation. Alternatively, renting a roll off dumpster for home renovations provides a couple of benefits to help your process.

1. Cost-Savings

Renovation dumpster rental offers homeowners significant cost savings. Based on the amount of debris and unused material you have, selecting a size-efficient dumpster lets you maximize your spending by only paying for what you need. On average renting a dumpster saves homeowners around $1K and requires fewer trips when compared to junk removal services who rely on trucks. And while this can vary depending on the project, dumpster also allows you more control over the project as a whole.

2. Time Efficiency

After the renovation is complete you’ll have to spend time sanitizing and cleaning the space to enjoy it, right? Not necessarily. Renting a dumpster for home renovation gives you a single container to remove all of your renovation debris in real-time. If you’re renting a dumpster for 1 or 2 weeks, this option let’s you clean totally on your schedule and not have to worry about extra fees or deadlines Therefore, you get to clean as you go, instead of depending on a separate team or having to rush your project!

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3. More Utility

Another reason to consider renting a roll off for home remodeling is the fact that it is such a versatile unit for all kinds of materials. There are very few items that can’t go into a high-quality residential dumpster like the ones Temporary Dumpster uses. This means that as you accumulate debris, you can just toss it in the rental dumpster, along with other items you might want removed. Because you’ve rented the dumpster, if you have unwanted items you’re hoarding that you also want removed, you can throw them in too. The only thinking you need to be careful of with this is to avoid overfilling your dumpster beyond the top lip of the unit. This is for safety and will help you avoid going overweight, which would incur an added fee. As long as you don’t go overweight, the rental is yours to fill as you please.

4. Less Hassle

Less is more – especially when it comes to the renovation process. You already have a lot to deal with in terms of paying contractors or doing the work yourself – not to mention having people and equipment within your home all moving around. Renovation dumpster rental de-complicates your home renovation by providing a simple, easy-to-use resource to collect all of your waste from the construction and clearing process.

5. Better Safety

Keeping a secure work area is very important for your renovation. Roll off dumpsters help keep you and your family away from glass shards, tiles, wood, nails, or any other items that could cause injury by providing a secure container away from the main living area. What’s more, roll off Renovation dumpster rental provides a space for you to remove any harmful materials from the house instead of having debris remain in the space, and potentially be overlooked by family members moving throughout the area.

6. Convenience

If you’re completing a home renovation yourself, renting a renovation dumpster offers both savings and added convenience. If you’re taking on the task of designing and implementing your home renovations yourself, you’re already working on your time to do the construction. This includes the cleanup phase. Dumpster rentals are great because you can clean and fill on your time, this means no waiting and then supervising a cleanup crew. The dumpster rental also allows you to renovate and clean in the same instance – meaning less time for the project. In other words, the renovation becomes more tailored to your time, without the risk of having to take off more time from work that should just be for your relaxation and enjoyment.

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Key Things To Know for Renovation Dumpster Rental

While there are clearly a lot of reasons why renting a dumpster for home renovation is beneficial, there are some key factors you need to be aware of to get the most value from your rental. Let’s look at a few of them. Know what’s not allowed in a renovation dumpster Based on which dumpster rental company you use, they will have different rules about what cannot be stored in their dumpster and transported for dumping. This is also due to local or state rules regarding material transportation. Be sure you ask what isn’t allowed in your rental dumpster or you could be looking at an upcharge or unable to use the dumpster for said items. At Temporary Dumpster, for example, we don’t allow:

  • Oil and fuels, including items that take gas/oil like lawnmowers, chainsaws, and propane tanks
  • Televisions
  • Tires, paint cans, and lacquers
  • Adhesives
  • Mattresses
  • Refrigerators
  • Freezers
  • Air conditioners
  • Car batteries
  • Hazardous materials
  • Food waste
  • Household cleaners
  • Tree debris over 3 feet in length/ & over 12″ in diameter
  • Tree root balls
  • Railroad ties

Make sure that your items are allowed in the dumpster

Roll off dumpsters, like those we provide at Temporary Dumpster are very robust and resilient, meaning they can take a variety of debris and junk. But still, you should always double-check that what you’re dumping is allowed in our dumpsters. In general, renovation dumpsters will take tiles, brick, concrete, metal and wood debris, and an assortment of junk that you may have. As a rule, as long as the item or debris does not involve chemicals or a threat to the environment, you can toss it in the container. When you place your reservation though, you can always clarify your concerns with the dumpster specialist providing your quote.

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Know the weight of your junk

One of the main considerations for which roll off  dumpster you select for your project is the weight of your combined debris. This is because you need to avoid overfilling the unit, which can be extremely dangerous and involve more work to haul. Moreover, overfilling will typically result in an overcharge added to your rental feel. To get the most efficient dumpster to help clean up your home renovation, you’ll need to match the best dumpster for the job. Fortunately, understanding the weight your junk will accumulate is not overly complicated. Our seasoned specialists at Temporary Dumpster, are committed to helping you get the best deal, so we can consult with you to match your volume of junk to the correct dumpster size when you call. You can also get an idea of your junk’s weight by using the dumpster weight calculators found right on our website.

Select the right roll off renovation dumpster

Dumpsters are not all built the same. Besides varying quality among dumpster rentals, the size of your dumpster will ultimately determine your rental rate and your ease of cleanup. You want the best deal, so you’ve got to select the most efficient dumpster for the demands of your project. However, this doesn’t mean picking the smallest roll off dumpster available, or the dumpster you think will just be able to hold everything. Again, this can be dangerous and result in an overcharge fee. And it will also make it more of an ordeal to load your final junk in the end. No, the right dumpster not only accounts for your budget and weight but also the type of waste or debris you’re actually filling it with. For example, if you’re removing a lot of concrete, dirt, or bricks, based on the amount you could just as easily use our 10-yard or 20-yard dumpster rentals – but only if they are filled halfway. This accounts for the weight. While this doesn’t seem like a lot of room, you’d be surprised how much the space will actually accept. However, sometimes a larger dumpster is warranted if most of your waste is heavy concrete and debris along with other items. The benefit to this though is that you save money by avoiding overweight limit fees and have more room to load. In the end, working with a trusted dumpster provider like Temporary Dumpster gives you an edge. Because our team is trained to quickly understand the demands of your renovation project, we can offer advice for selecting the most size-efficient unit for your home renovation cleanup.

Preparation for your home renovation dumpster

Knowing where to place your roll off dumpster rental is an important strategy to help expedite your cleanup. Take a moment to consider the route to and from your home in order to remove waste both safely and efficiently. If there is a certain spot on your property that would work best, let our team know and we’ll try to accommodate it. However, the odds are that right next to or on your driveway would be ideal. If there are space limitations with your driveway, for example, if it’s too steep to position the renovation dumpster unit, you may have to stage the dumpster on the street next to your driveway. If you’re in a residential area, like a suburb, this shouldn’t be a problem. However, based on your location, you may need to acquire a street permit to have your dumpster staged along the street. Don’t worry, if this is the case our staff can guide you through the process. It’s very easy and inexpensive.

Gauge your rental period

To get the most value and savings from renting a roll off dumpster for your home renovation, try to plan out the amount of time you’ll actually require the dumpster. Part of your rental fee will depend on the length of time you require your dumpster- which is why selecting a size-effective dumpster is important, you can maximize your space and potentially fill it faster. That said, be sure to allow yourself time to work at a pace you are comfortable with. To help you maximize your spend, our team at Temporary Dumpster strives to get your dumpster early at no extra charge, or at least on time. Don’t worry, if you are finished loading your dumpster early, the retrieval team can pick it up whenever you’d like at no extra fee. You don’t have to use up your entire rental time either.

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Rent a Roll Off Dumpster for Home Renovation Now

Let’s face it, any kind of home renovation is an investment. One of the ways you can recoup savings while adding convenience to your project is by renting a roll off dumpster for home renovation dumpster. Whether you’re tackling a simple bathroom renovation or a whole-house revamp, a well-sized roll off dumpster is an asset that allows you to capitalize on its utility and space. And with the potential of same or even next-day delivery of your unit, there’s no reason you can’t save and clear your junk faster through Temporary Dumpster rentals. Besides our quality roll off dumpsters and fast deliveries though, we offer seasoned professional help with selecting the dumpster you need for your exact project. It all begins with a phone call (1-800-513-4973) or getting your free dumpster quote.

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