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Top Furniture Disposal Options: 2024

Blog - posted by Benjamin - July 3, 2024

There are different ways to get rid of old furniture, but which is the best? The truth is, this depends on your exact situation and what you want out of the experience. In this post, we’ll go through your main options for furniture disposal and some factors to consider like costs, timing, and convenience.

Key Takeaways

  • There are many options for furniture disposal, from dumpster rental to hiring a team of movers.
  • Prices for the various options can vary.
  • The amount and weight of your old furniture factor in the removal rate.
  • Roll off dumpsters can provide both cost and time savings depending on your project.old furniture removal

Get Rid of Old FurnitureYour Way

Whether you’re trying to tackle a hoarding issue, or you’re just trying to get rid of unwanted furniture for summer cleaning, ultimately the best way to get rid of all the furniture is on your own terms. This means finding a solution balances these qualifiers:

  • Effort
  • Cost
  • Convenience
  • Timing

Depending on your local regulations, you could easily get rid of all the old furniture you want with little upfront costs. However, this doesn’t account for the personal time and even gas money to invest in the removal. Whether you choose to haul your old furniture yourself, hire a team to do it, or reserve a roll off dumpster, there will be some cost attached. The trick to a smooth and budget-friendly furniture removal process is getting the best deal based on how all of these factors align with your personal preferences. Whether you go the solo route or you choose a service like residential roll off rental, be sure to consider your decision from multiple angles. You can also shop around between services and vendors to determine the best option for your furniture removal.

How the Weight and Amount of Furniture Dictate Pricing

Now, you may have a fixed or planned budget surrounding this project or have so many pieces of old furniture that bulk removal is necessary. Regardless of your exact requirements, all of your furniture disposal options will vary in price. This pricing is partially determined based on the amount and combined weight of your old furniture. Different moving companies will offer estimates on the weight surrounding cubic meters or box amounts. In a nutshell, the weight/size of the item also has a cubic footage analog, so this helps create a rough estimate for the space and effort required to haul the furniture. Now, you need to be careful with this because some companies, particularly junk hauling companies, may set their cubic footage estimates low to provide a low upfront fee. But this is just an estimate. More often than not, your furniture, especially if it’s large or you have multiple units, surpass these small weight estimates. This means you could end up with a larger bill than expected. When it comes to dumpster rental, this is mitigated because you simply pay for the dumpster itself and you can select the size of the dumpster that most fits your weight requirements. However, you shouldn’t just pick the smallest dumpster size to save money, remember weight is an issue. Going overweight is dangerous and will complicate the removal process, so there would be an upcharge. However, by working with your dumpster specialists like Temporary Dumpster, you can find the most size-efficient roll off that fits the specifics of your furniture removal project. Sometimes, it will work to your benefit to rent a larger dumpster than you think you need. Why? Because this will help you avoid going overweight and help you remove items more efficiently. Now, because furniture removal is priced mostly on weight, roll off dumpster rates work to your advantage because they give more control over the rate and effort. Additionally, a single roll off can hold more weight (and furniture) than a typical mover pickup. You can also use a digital weight calculator to gauge the size of the roll off you may need. In the end, cost-effective furniture removal depends on dependable services. You want estimates that are sound and honest. Look for providers who ask you questions and engage you on your project instead of just pitching rates. At Temporary Dumpster, we know that giving you a fair, cost-effective estimate is what ultimately leads to more business, so we are committed to helping you get the most efficient roll off dumpster possible.

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Top Furniture Disposal Options: 2024

While the process of getting rid of old furniture is never fun, the good news is that you have more options than ever for how you dispose of your furniture. You’ll get the best deal based not only on the monetary cost though, but also on how your schedule and comfort are impacted. Maybe you’re okay paying more money to be able to sit back and not deal with the furniture, or maybe you’re trying to save money and only have a window of time to get rid of the furniture. Don’t just look at prices, look at the value that each option brings. Here are your top options broken down by the four qualifiers mentioned above.

Roll Off Dumpster Rental

  • Once you receive your rental dumpster, you will load the furniture yourself. So there is some effort involved.
  • When you’re finished though, we get rid of your old furniture totally for you, instead of you having to drive and unload the furniture yourself.
  • Only half the work for a fraction of the cost of junk removal!
  • Rates typically start around $299 but can vary depending on your project.
  • Size-efficient dumpster selection reduces your risk of overweight charges.
  • Temporary Dumpster offers a very competitive rate while still focusing on proper dumpster sizing recommendations.
  • Tell us the rental estimate you received elsewhere and we’ll even try to match it!
  • Roll off rental is kind of a middle-ground, best of both worlds: lower pricing, moderate effort.
  • You have full control over the rental period, container, and delivery.
  • You get to dictate the pace of the furniture removal entirely.
  • Roll off dumpster rental is completely tailored to your schedule and time requirements.
  • Your roll off can be dropped off quickly, even as soon as the same or the next day of reservation, and retrieved as soon as you’re ready.
  • You get to load the furniture at your own pace and comfort level.
  • Don’t worry about the rental period, it’s very flexible.
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Junk Removal Specialists

  • Junk removal companies typically do all the work for you, making it generally the easiest.
  • You do have to explain what needs to be removed and engage the specialists on site.
  • You are often not just paying for furniture removal, you’re paying for too labor, which results in higher costs.
  • Generally, the cost of hiring removal specialists is higher than dumpster rentals.
  • Rates are harder to estimate, making it easy for the fee to go over budget.
  • You also have less control over the rate.
  • You can do other things while the moving is done – the furniture removal is done for you.
  • But you still may need to dedicate time to instructing the movers and even take off time from work or sacrifice a weekend to watch the crew and provide instruction.
  • This also means more people are working throughout your home, which could cause unforeseen damages or interruptions.
  • Several junk specialists can complete the job within a day.
  • However, the length of time it will take them is still uncertain.
  • Ultimately, you have to fit into their schedule of availability, when they can get out to you though. This can cause scheduling inconveniences.

Curbside Removal

  • If your area or home trash service does accept old furniture pickup, you still need to haul furniture to the edge of your property.
  • You must physically make sure to follow the county or waste company’s guidelines.
  • If items are too big, many counties will not collect them though.
  • This can depend on the service or state/county you’re in.
  • Furniture hauling will usually add a fee to your monthly waste costs, so it really depends on your current arrangement.
  • If it’s one or two pieces of medium furniture, the added fee probably won’t be a lot, but compared to other services you may save money.
  • There may be a cap to how many items they can take in one pickup – bulk furniture removal may be a more cost-effective option.
  • While you do a good bit of the physical work, the destination is only in front of your home.
  • That said, you still need to lift heavy furniture and possibly call upon friends and family to help you.
  • Then, you have to follow very specific rules and regulations regarding staging the furniture.
  • Timing will likely depend on your waste service’s schedule.
  • They’ll probably give you a selection of days they do pickups for things like yard waste or large items.
  • It’s on you to have the furniture staged at the curb on the day/time they are available for you.

Selling Old Furniture

  • This can vary if you decide to deliver your old furniture yourself, have prospects come to retrieve the furniture, or simply leave it outside for them to pick it up.
  • Ultimately, the amount of effort depends on how large or how many pieces of furniture you are able to sell and then more from your home.
  • This is a multi-pronged approach that could earn you cash but may not be worth all the effort you’re going through to achieve it.
  • You can actually gain money from this!
  • But how much time and effort are you going to sacrifice to squeeze cash out old old furniture that might not be worth meaningful returns?
  • You have to list the items, engage interested buyers, deliver or otherwise provide the old furniture – there’s a lot that goes into selling old furniture.
  • While you can get rid of old furniture and earn money doing it, this may take a lot of effort and adjustment on your part.
  • This really depends on how quickly you get interested buyers.
  • You could wait days or months to find interested buyers for your old furniture.
  • You also need to allow time to remove the furniture from your home. Plan for a while.


  • Depending on the organization you use and the state of the furniture, this can require some effort but is overall rewarding.
  • If you use a roll off dumpster service like Temporary Dumpster, you’ll only do half the effort while also helping people and the environment.
  • Costs can vary depending on whether you rely on a dumpster rental service or choose a junk hauling service that will deliver to the charity you want.
  • However, some charities will pick up your old furniture donation for free.
  • However, some organizations have specific requirements for donation that your old furniture might not meet.
  • Again, this is somewhat uncertain because it depends on which charities are near you and equipped to take your old furniture.
  • Sometimes you might be on a waiting list for pickup, and all the while you have to deal with the clutter.
  • If the charity or recycling organization does not pick up your old furniture, the burden and cost will fall on you.
  • This can vary depending on the charity’s response time, your schedule, and pick-up times.
  • It may require patience depending on when and how the furniture can be donated.
  • Again, you are partially beholden to the schedules and requirements of another group.
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Self Furniture Removal

  • All the effort is on you to move and deposit your old furniture.
  • Getting rid of old furniture can be physically demanding depending on the size and amount of items.
  • You must focus on your own safety in the moving process.
  • Because you’re not paying for a service or a roll off rental, you will save money on upfront costs.
  • But, this means that all the effort is on you and your own equipment.
  • Your own furniture disposal may end up costing gas money through multiple trips and hours of time dedicated to the project.
  • Removing furniture is usually not convenient.
  • You may need to ask friends or family to help out, which also impacts their lives and schedules.
  • Depending on the furniture, you may even need to take off work or dedicate lots of weekend time to see disposal though.
  • While you can pick the time you get rid of your old furniture and dictate the pace of work, it’s still time-draining.
  • The burden falls fully on you to remove the furniture, which means it can take several hours to remove and dump the items.
  • If you’re looking for a timely option, this might not be for you.

Use Roll off Dumpster Rental for Convenient, Cost-Effective Furniture Removal

The reality is that there is no perfect way to get rid of old furniture because this entirely depends on you. You need to pick the option that most aligns with your budget and goals. But, if you want the option that checks all the boxes and provides a best-of-both-worlds in terms of moderate effort and cost savings, rent a roll off dumpster.

Why Temporary Dumpster for Roll Off Rentals?

1. With a reliable provider like Temporary Dumpster, you can be assured of getting the truly size-efficient roll off you need (our sizes range from 10-yards to 40-yards).

2. We cater fully to your schedule. Once you select the roll off dumpster you need, we strive to deliver to you as soon as possible – even early without extra charge. On top of that, we offer flexible rental periods to provide more convenience and cost savings.

3. It’s easy: call, choose, load, and we take care of the rest. Once you load up your roll off, we’ll get rid of the furniture at the appropriate eco-responsible location. This means we are completing half of the work for you at a fraction of the cost of movers. And all you need to do is start with a free dumpster quote. If you’re ready to get rid of old furniture now, call us at (1-800-513-4973) and we can have a roll off dumpster for you as soon as today!

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